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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Latian Soal Ujian Saringan Masuk STAN 2011

[ Nomor 121 s.d. 180]
Untuk bagian ini, jawaban benar kurang dari 20 soal berarti nilai mati dan dinyatakan tidak lulus.
Reading I
In 1989, the oil and automotive industries and the National Association of Manufacturers created the Global Climate Coalition (GCC) to oppose mandatory actions to address global warming. In 1997, when the Senate overwhelmingly passed a resolution against ratifying the Kyoto Protocol, the industry funded a $13 million industry advertising blitz in the run-up to the vote.
      In 1998 the New York Times published an American Petroleum Institute (API) memo outlining a strategy aiming to make "recognition of uncertainty ... part of the 'conventional wisdom.'" The memo has been compared to a late 1960s memo by tobacco company Brown and Williamson, which observed: "Doubt is our product since it is the best means of competing with the ‘body of fact' that exists in the mind of the general public. It is also the means of establishing a controversy." Those involved in the memo included Jeffrey Salmon, then executive director of the George C. Marshall Institute, Steven Milloy, a prominent skeptic commentator, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute's Myron Ebell. In June 2005 a former API lawyer, Philip Cooney, resigned his White House post after accusations of politically-motivated tampering with scientific reports.
In 2002 the GCC considered its work in the US against regulation on global warming to have been so successful that it "deactivated" itself, although the loss of some leading members may also have been a factor.

16.    What is the purpose of forming Global Climate Coalition?
a.     It is supposed to contest mandatory actions to deal with Global Warming.
b.    It is supposed to support mandatory actions to enhance global warming.
c.     It is supposed to be supporter of Global Warming.
d.    It is supposed to enhance Global Warming.

17.    What does the word “Overwhelmingly” mean?
a.     Extremely large
b.    Controversial
c.     Ideal
d.    Convincingly

18.    “It” in line 8 refers to…
a.     Memo
b.    American Petroleum Institute
c.     Tobacco company Brown and Williamson
d.    Doubt

19.    Why did Phillip Coney resign his White House post in June 2005?
a.     Because he was so disappointed with tobacco company Brown and Williamson
b.    Because of allegation of politically-motivated damaging with scientific reports
c.     Because he has involved several prominent people
d.    Because he is bored with working as a lawyer

20.    Which of the following statements is incorrect?
a.     The senate significantly passed a resolution against ratifying the Kyoto Protocol in 1997.
b.    Doubt seemingly has been means of establishing controversy by tobacco company Brown and Williamson.
c.     The New York Times published an American Petroleum Institute in 1997.
d.    In 2002, The GCC thought if its work in the US against regulation on Global Warming to have been so worth successful.

21.    As long as I know, those kids are raised by their grandparents.
a.     Forsaken          c. Nurtured
b.    Left                  d. Asserted

22.    Yesterday, two men demanded Mia’s car with menace.
a.     Happiness        c. Graciousness
b.    Sadness           d. Threat

23.    Bimo has reminded Nita to be careful, but she hardly heeds it.
a.     Returns             c. Recovers
b.    Review              d. Regards

24.    Two major points were finally declared in the conference, but some of the participants deplored those unexpected decisions.
a.     Liked                c. Regretted
b.    Distrusted         d. Supported

25.    Although Mira and Maya are identical, their characteristics are totally different.
a.     Similar              c. Distinguishable
b.    Distinct             d. Irritating

26.    Susan thinks if the circumstances will improve, in fact, it does not.
a.     Better               c. Deteriorate
b.    Advise              d. Forge

27.    Some people are hesitant to the effectiveness of Kina’s solution to overcome the problem that Imota Company is facing with.
a.     Sure                 c. Negligent
b.    Doubtful           d. Ignorant

28.    Several workers are pouring asphalt to harshen the road.
a.     Darken  c. Soften
b.    Burden  d. Harden

29.    Joana, who becomes the best student in Amigos University, is enchanting … smart girl.
a.     nevertheless      c. Yet
b.    Or                     d. As well as

30.     Indra recalls … that book, but he forgets where he put it.
a.     To bring            c. Bring
b.    Bringing            d. Brought

31.     I have read The Da Vinci Code four times, and …
a.     Mia has too       c. So Mia has
b.    Has Maria too   d. Mia has so

32.    Watching television, he chooses to go to bed.
a.     However           c.         Unfortunately
b.    Therefore          d.         Instead of

33.     Pants which had been sewn are ironed by the tailor. The other form of that sentence is….
a.     The sewing pants are ironed by the tailor.
b.    The sewn pants are ironed by the tailor.
c.     The pants are sewn are ironed by the tailor.
d.    The pants sew are ironed by the tailor.

34.     Harun has written seven novels and two scientific books. The passive form of that sentence is…
a.     Seven novels and two scientific books are being written by Harun.
b.    Seven novels and two scientific books have been written by Harun.
c.     Seven novels and two scientific books are written by Harun.
d.    Seven novels and two scientific books had been written by Harun.

35.     I really need money,…
a.     My mom should give it immediately
b.    My mom will give it to me immediately
c.     My mom may give it to me immediately
d.    My mom can give it to me immediately

36.    Disturbing noise, she can focus on her writing.
a.     And                  c. Despite
b.    Nevertheless     d. Moreover

142.  In a study of 163 patients, those with low HER-2 levels …………. received Neu Vax injections following surgery, chemotherapy and radiaton cut their odds of getting cancer again by half, and no one of the women died during the study.
a.   whom                                 c. which
b.   whose                                 d. who                                              
143.  Ace said to his girlfriend, “ I met a woman
              A                                        B
       with whose brother I went to school.”
            C                                D                              
144.   Dr.Fitria Hariani,…………, a diva in a white coat, doesn’t tell us that she won’t have an opinion worked up from my slides unless I commit to her and her hospital.
a.   doctors                         c. the doctor
b.   a doctor                        d. doctor              
145.  The new government has promised to give
       some subsidies of oil’s price to help
                        B                                 C
the poors in the country.                                                                                                                           
146.  Miss Devina Oktavianingrum , ………. instructure leader of chemical engineering program, she says, “Desalination, ………. newer process forces the sea membranes, which let the water pass, but stop the salt molecules, bacteria, and virusess.”
a.   an, few                                                        c. a, the
b.   the, little                                                      d . the, a
147.  ‘Excuse me, would you mind……….?’
a.   if I smoke there                               
b.   smoking there now                        
c.    if I smoking now 
d.   smoke there just now
148.  There is nobody at Zuma, the biggest jewelry store in the city and the jewelries were………..and…….by thief there.
a.   stolen, carry                                c. stealing, carrying
b.   stolen, carried                            d.  stolen, carried

Soal nomor 149 s/d 153 mengacu pada teks yang rumpang berikut.
   Seventy percent of the Earth’s surface is (149)… by water, only 2,5 percent of this water is fresh. (150) …, we only have access to a fraction of this finite supply. The Earth’s water cycle has done a great job of recycling this finite supply but now population (151)… - often in places with limited (152)…- is putting this cycle under stress. Simply put, more people are using the same small (153) ….of water.
149.  a. covered                                     c. contaminated
      b. rounded                                     d. contributed
150.  a. in the other hand                      c. on and on
      b. on the part  of that                    d. on top of that
151.  a. supplies                                     c. remnant
      b. Demand                                    d. fix
152.  a. supplies                                     c. Residue
      b. Demand                                    d. Remnant
153.  a. Demand                                    c. Remnant
      b. supply                                        d.liquid

Soal nomor 154 - 157 mengacu pada bacaan berikut.

researches into whether people who are good at solving brain twisters are more intelligent than those are not suggestion that the experts make use of a special type of insight. However, not only do they appear to be good at this (choosing with the elements to process, to combine, or compare from the information given), but they are also clever at making use of ‘general’ or prior knowledge and at monitoring their own progress with a particular problem. In addition, they appear capable of adopting an appropriate cognitive style consisting of combination of impulse and reflection. Just what this combination is still mystifies the researchers, and so does the original question, to which their answer is a somewhat frustrating “possibly”.

154.  What is the best title of this passage?
a.     The nature of intelligence
b.    Are brain twister test of intelligence?
c.     Brain twister: how everyone can solve them
d.    The cognitive style of brain-twister writers
155.  According to the passage, the expert insight involves ….
a.     a selection process
b.    making use of general knowledge
c.     monitoring their own progress
d.    a combination of impulse and reflection
156.  How does the author seem to feel about the research?
a.     Selectively interested.
b.    Interested but impartial disagreement.
c.     Interested but somewhat dissatisfied.
d.    Interested but rather mystified.
157.  What was the researchers’ main purpose?
a.     To prove that brain twister experts are unusually intelligent.
b.    To seek a correlation between solving brain twisters and intelligent.
c.     To identify the experts monitoring process.
d.    To describe the process of solving brain twisters.
158.  How did this extraordinary situation …?
a.     come along             c.   come away
b.    come apart             d.   come about
159.  An … vehicle or building does not have anyone in it.
a.     unerring                  c.   irreverent
b.    unmanned               d.   insuperable
160.  If a story or event … it becomes clearer and you understand it.
a.     unfold                     c.   unlimited
b.    undying                  d.   inflammable
161.  We wish that you … such a lot of work, because we know that you would have enjoyed party.
a.     hadn’t had               c.   didn’t have had
b.    hadn’t                     d.   hadn’t have
162.  The Wright brothers had realized from their experiments that the most serious challenge in manned flight would be stabilizing and manoeuvring the aircraft once it was air bone.  … this problem; however, they had tried to focus on developing control for guiding their aircraft.
a.     Because of             c.   Despite of
b.    In spite of               d.   Besides
163.  Microwaves are used for cooking,  telecommunications, ….
a.     and to diagnose medically
b.    and medical diagnosing
c.     and diagnosed medically
d.    and medical diagnosis
164.  The acids, salts, and vitamins that fruit furnish are very helpful _____ a balanced and helpful diet.
a.     to keep                   c.   keeping
b.    kept                        d.   they keep
165.  “Mom, why do you insist on my wearing a jacket?”
“_____ I’m sure it’s going to be very cold outside.”
a.     Until                        c.   So that
b.    Since                      d.   Because of
166.  Hussain would prefer drive his AE-86 rather than take
                         A                  B                             C
      a board of taxi in the Boulevard street tonight.
167.   I am now accustomed to _____ tea without sugar.
        a. drink                           c. drinking
        b. drunk                         d. drank
168.   If mechanic had done the work properly, I _____ no problem with my car yesterday.
        a. have had
        b. would have had
        c. would have
        d. have had
169.   The results of third experiment are even _____ the results on the second one.
        a. better as
        b. worse as
        c. worst than
        d. better than
170.   The book that he has completed will soon published, _____?
        a. hasn’t it
        b. hasn’t he
        c. will he
        d. Won’t it
171.He asked me whether he _____ my car to go to party.
        a. can borrow
        b. might borrow
        c. ought to borrow
        d. will borrow
172.”Anwar was promoted as president of your company last week, wasn’t he?”
”I’m glad he was; he _____ in this company for many years”
        a. had worked
        b. was working
        c. has been working
        d. would work
173.We could not get a room at the beach hotel because we _____ reservation.
        a. would not make
        b. had not made
        c. were not making
        d. have not made
174.It was raining hard, but by the time class was over, the rain _____.
        a. has stopped
        b. would stopped
        c. stopped
        d. had stopped
175.The traffic is so terrible. We’re going to late. By the time we get to school, the class _____.
        a. will begin
        b. will have already begun
        c. will beggining
        d. has begun

176.Well, I think the new theory is so _____.
        a. appliance                                  c. applicable
        b. applied                                      d. appliying
177.I would rather you _____ anything about it for the time being.
a.     do                                   c.     have done
b.     didn’t do                        d.     to do
178.Branco asked _____
a.     what she called for
b.     what for did she call
c.     what she call for
d.     she what to call for
179.Several people have _____ tried to change the man’s mind, but he refuses to listen.
        a. apparent
        b. apparently
        c. apprents
        d. being apparent
180.  Rita … software that can support her job.
a.     call for                    c.   call off
b.    call on                    d.   call